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Who needs a psychologist?

Psychologists see people who have a wide range of problems. Some people consult psychologists when they simply have an important decision to make and need an objective and private sounding board.

Some people experience difficulties when they go through transitions such as marital breakdown, job loss, retirement, parenthood, accidents, serious illness, disability, bereavement and others. The ability to cope varies with life’s stressors varies for us all and may vary over time for us individually, for example, depending on the nature, number and severity of stressors at any one time.

Other people suffer from specific psychological problems such as anxiety, depression or a post traumatic stress reaction.   For others the problems can be more severe, and can include mental turmoil and extreme mood changes, loss of contact with reality, insomnia and loss of appetite, feeling of guilt, sexual dysfunction, isolation, withdrawal and irritability, rage, violence, suicidal feelings, self-defeating behaviour and so on. When you feel like this it can be very frightening and beyond your control. It’s often very helpful to remember that you are not alone, and that help is available to you.

Knowing that our bodies and our minds as simply making up what makes us human, then in general health terms we would recognise that the services provided by psychologists can be seen as a straight forward, important part of complete health care.

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