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Medico Legal Assessments and Reports

Dr. Laydon-Walters undertakes Expert Witness assessments and Medico Legal Reports for Personal Injury cases. Dr. Laydon-Walters is registered with the British Psychological Society Directory of Expert Witnesses and has experience of single and joint instructions.  

Providing a rapid and responsive service, often with restricted deadlines, her clinical assessment and observations include the use of standardised psychometric tests, thus providing valid and reliable diagnostic criteria from which opinion is drawn.  Resulting reports are comprehensive, clear and concise.

Dr. Laydon-Walters recognises the importance of early assessment, diagnosis and treatment recommendations to provide clarity for the Court regarding pre-injury and post-injury circumstances and psychological health. Early assessment also ensures appropriate treatment can be obtained for those requiring it, thus preventing the likelihood of chronicity, which can arise from untreated symptoms.

Examples of Instructions received (adults and children)

  • Assessment of the psychological impact of road traffic accidents (mild and severe).
  • Assessment of psychological health following sustained domestic abuse.
  • Assessment of psychological well-being following aggressive arrest.
  • Assessment of psychological impact and post trauma stress following a flight crash landing.
  • Assessment of psychological impact of traumatic amputation and ensuing physical disability.
  • Assessment of the psychological impact of breach of confidentiality.
  • Assessment of the psychological impact of work-place harassment.
  • Assessment of parental mental health in contact dispute.
Dr Laydon-Walters is a member of the BPS
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